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School Council


Do you ever wonder who helps to pay for the cutting edge technology that our staff and students are blessed to have? Or who helps to pay for the field trips that our children participate in? Who organizes fun and exciting events like the Family Dance?

It's the School Fundraising Society! The Father Leo Green SFS is the fundraising arm of the School Council. In conjunction with the school administration, SFS spends the fundraised dollars on items, programs and events that help benefit and enhance the learning experience and environment for all students of the school.

We're proud to say that our SFS is made up of many volunteer parents who help to organize the SFS fundraisers and plan special events throughout the year. There is plenty of help and guidance for all newcomers who join. You can even bring a friend that you'd love to pair up with and work on an event together.

Everyone is welcome to attend any/all of our meetings. Minutes from the past meetings are available upon request.

If you are interested in joining our School Council and/or SFS team or if you have any questions you can email us at


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