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Our Namesake

George Leo Green was born in Buxton, Darbyshire, England in 1900. He started singing in church when he was only five years old. George Green was also active in Drama and Music. When he was twenty-five, he made his first professional singing debut in London, England. After his studies in England, he arrived in Edmonton, Alberta in 1927. George Green was ordained at Saint Joseph's Seminary in Edmonton in 1933. That same year he was named the music supervisor for the city's twelve separate schools and was paid one dollar per day. He became known through the schools as Mr. Music Man. When he began his job of supervisor of Music, the twelve schools could only provide him with a pitchpipe, a book and a few pianos...but no money. Father Green was associated with CBC School Broadcasts for eight years.

Father Green conducted the Symphony Orchestra and he was a former symphony board member. He started the band program. Rehearsals were at St. Pius X School from 8-9 in the morning. Father Green was the choir master at St. Joseph's Basilica for many years. Through his interest and efforts in the Kiwanis Music Festival, he encouraged schools to particiapate in choral competitions. Many teachers can remember Father Leo Green walking into their classrooms and telling them what they were doing for the Music Festival, even though they had not planned to enter the Festival. He achieved positive results and his love of Music and enjoyment of working with children was reflected in the quality of his productions. He was a very dedicated and hard-working man. While on holidays in Inverness, Scotland in 1971, he quietly passed away. The Music education that he initiated has expanded to almost 100 schools which includes choral and instrumental programs. We are very proud that we attend a school named after such a wonderful man.

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