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School Information

School Mission Statement

With Christ as our model and families as our partners, the staff of St. Thomas Aquinas will inspire our students to be collaborative; critical thinkers; and ethical citizens, through interactive, hands on learning experiences.


St. Thomas Aquinas was one of the greatest teachers of all time.  He was also an exceptional student, whereas he had the power to concentrate and remember vast quantities of information.  Through his dedication to learning, his writings influenced theologians in the Church, creating the Summa Theologica, an exemplary summary of Catholic theology.  In this text, St. Thomas Aquinas reveals both the Cardinal Virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, and courage), and the Theological Virtues (fatih, hope, and charity).  St. Thomas Aquinas spent his entire life devoted to the search and defense of truth and to see reason as a divine gift.  As a school community, we are blessed with our namesake, St. Thomas Aquinas, 'an ardent defender of revealed truth'.


They will learn to live out the theological and moral virtues set out by our patron, Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Parent Handbook 2021-2022

Please click below to access the St. Thomas Aquinas Handbook 

Parent Handbook 2021-2022

PowerSchool Tutorial 

To locate more information in how to access and utilize PowerSchool, please CLICK HERE to watch this tutorial video.  

School Hours 2021 - 2022

Elementary & Junior High - 8:05 to 2:39 (lunch 11:25 to 12:11) 

Staggered lunch/recess times; grades 1,3,5 go out for recess 11:24 - 11:44, then eat lunch 11:44-12:06. Grades 2,4,6 - 9 eat lunch 11:24 - 11:44 then go out for recess 11:44 - 12:06.

Thursday - 8:04 to 12:00 (No School PM)

Kindergarten AM - 8:04 to 11:05 (Thursdays NO SCHOOL)

Kindergarten PM - 11:36 to 2:38 (Thursday NO SCHOOL)

School Site Safety

Click here to learn more about school site safety for St. Thomas Aquinas. The purpose of this site is to educate parents, staff and the community about acceptable places to pick up, drop off, park and navigate the school site.   

 School Assurance Dashboard

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