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STA Athletics - The Timberwolves

*Although no team athletic programs are offered at this time due to COVID restrictions, this is a typical representation of St. Thomas Aquinas Athletics. St. Thomas Aquinas Timberwolves Logo (1).pngTimberwolves Logo

Cross Country 

Our Athletics Calendar begins with the Edmonton Catholic Junior High Cross Country Season.  Each year we try to have as many student athletes participate to not only compete but also to maintain physical activity. 


We offer both a Junior and Senior team, which begins during the Cross Country season.  Our Senior teams have become competitive, where the Senior Girls team went undefeated through the regular season! In addition, the Senior Boys teams placed first , second and third in the Mother Margaret Mary, Esther Starkman, and Louis St. Laurent tournaments respectively.  Our Junior teams are defined as a developmental league, which allows students to have the opportunity to play volleyball and learn the game.  In fact, the Junior Girls teams won the St. John XXIII tournament and placed 3rd in the Devon tournament.  


The day after volleyball ends, basketball season begins.  The Senior Boys team competed in four tournaments in addition to the regular season.  They finished first in the Esther Starkman tournament while placing second in both the Louis St. Laurent and Mother Margaret Mary tournaments.  The boys team were undefeated in the regular season, but lost in the semi-finals.  The Senior Girls competed with such focus and determination which opened the door to the the finals! The Senior Girls battled against Corpus Christi at St. Francis Xavier School - and were victorious in their win!  This was the first Junior High Championship for our school!  

The Junior teams also play in a developmental league, which allows them to get a taste of the student athlete life.  Last year, both the teams had a short, but busy season, finishing in first and second in their tournaments. 

Final Thoughts From Mr. Kemp

Our athletic motto at St. Thomas Aquinas is "Strength in Unity".  As the Athletic Director, I do not believe there is a more fitting motto that represents our school at this point. The strength that our students showed in the past athletic seasons is reflected in the perseverance and dedication they brought to each of their respective sports.  Our students found strength in one another and build lasting relationships through sport.  Our motto, "Strength in Unity" is what will get us through these uncertain times and allow all of us to overcome the varying challenges we have faced over the past year.  For our grade nine students, we thank you for your willingness to be examples for students and staff in our school, while putting in the hard work that it takes to be successful in all aspects of life.  We wish you the best of luck moving forward to high school.  To all our students and families we hope you are safe and we heartily spread the message of hope, love and "Strength in Unity" to you. 

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