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September Information 2021-2022

With our first few days behind us, I would like to share with you a few important pieces of information:

Enrollment Numbers:

This year our enrollment has increased by 111 students from our previous June numbers.   Currently there are 1015 students in our building.  We have 5 classes of each Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes; 4 classes of Grade 4-7; and 2 classes of Grade 8 & 9.  

Staff 2021-2022:





AM Kindergarten -A  

Mrs. Trish McGuinness

Grade 5A

Alexandra Nadeau

PM Kindergarten -B

Grade 5B

Christian Fabia

AM Kindergarten -C 

Mrs. Sandy Roulstone

Grade 5C

Miranda Normey

PM Kindergarten -D



AM Kindergarten -E 

Mrs. Connie Mackney

Grade 5D

Kirstie Boddez





Grade 1A

Chelsey Thomas



Grade 1B

Lindsay MacDonald

Grade 6A

Brian Sharkey

Grade 1C

Chelsea Euchuk

Grade 6B

Kaitlyn Koskinen

Grade 1D

Laurie-Anne Sirois

Grade 6C

Lani Gregorio

Grade 1E

Lisa Dmytriw

Grade 6D

Kimberly Clarke 





Grade 2A

Jaclyn D’souza

Grade 7A

Kiana Khonaisser

Grade 2B

Lisa Brent 

Grade 7B

Chasidy Zumbo

Grade 2C

Sue O’Connor

Grade 7C

Rina Wood

Grade 2D

Jennifer Palmer

Grade 7D

Jesse Diachuk

Grade 2E

Nicole Gatner





Grade 8A

Matthew Kemp

Grade 3A

Julie Schmidt

Grade 8B

Alison Carby

Grade 3B

Nathan Bell



Grade 3C

Stephanie Charbonneau

Grade 9A

Matt Gunderson

Grade 3D

Alison Tymchak

Grade 9B

Leah Mundy

Grade 3E

Tami McMillan





Learning Coach  

Kathleen Guillermo

Grade 4A

Karlyn Heil

Fine Arts/French

Laura Kunce

Grade 4B

Chelsea Taylor 

Elem Music Gr 1-5

Andrew Oberhofer

Grade 4C

Vivian Zarowny



Grade 4D

Jill Kostiuk

Assistant Principal

Katherine Voth



Assistant Principal

Kandise Salerno




Danita Power

Admin. Assistant  

Michelle Lajoie  

Admin.  Assistant 

Maria Ward 





 Specialized Support




Emotional Behavior Specialist

Samantha Greaves 

Therapeutic Assistant for Behavior Therapy

Lynnea Ingraham, Kathy Bodnar 

Therapeutic Assistant for Speech & Language

Gena Ash, Rachel Knutson, Haley Steinke 

Therapeutic Assistant for Occupational Therapy

Sydney Brox, Deepa Paul, Cassie Shaw 





Educational Assistants

Ms. Kerri-Lyn Graham 

Mrs. Pinkiben Tailor 



Maria Sanchez- 

Mrs. Shuhen Wu 



Ms. Michelle Ceria 

 Ms. Anila Graham



Taiwo Olawumi 

Mrs. Michelle Grande 



Mr. Ernesto Abarico (Head Custodian) 

Mr. Nerlou Ibale 

(Evening Custodian)


Mr. Greg Matusewicz (Senior Custodian) 

Jenelle Rebollido 

(Part-time light duty)


Modular Classrooms:

In May of 2021 we were approved to receive 7 new modular classrooms that will be attached to the west side of the school. Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic and the scarcity of building materials the delivery of these classrooms has been delayed by several months.  So, until that time; we have accommodated students in a variety of ways, by opening the staffroom as a classroom, using the open-air classroom over the learning commons; using what was the daycare space and will be our elementary music room; and using the former 100V classroom as a Grade 5 classroom.  Once our modular classrooms arrive the grade 3 & grade 5 classes will move to the new spaces.  We are hoping this will happen after Christmas. These modular classrooms are newly built with beautifully big windows and a wide-open space for learning.   They are painted in soft tones, making them pleasing spaces for learning.

Drop off and Pick up of Students:

This increase in student enrollment has caused even further challenges when parents and busses are trying to safely drop off students.  We ask you to be extra cautious as you are arriving, dropping off or picking up your child before and after school.  We now have 12 busses that need to access the bus lane.  

Drop and Go or Pick Up and Go Lane:

The lane next to the bus lane in front of our school is now a drop and go lane; NO PARKING IS ALLOWED!  We thank parents for following our directions when dropping off their children.

After School Pick Up:  There is still a problem with the afternoon pick up of students for families who wish to use this lane.  If you are planning on picking your child up at the front of the school it would be best to delay your arrival until 2:50, at that time you will be able to enter the lot; students will be there after having been dismissed at 2:40, allowing the flow of pick up and drop off to happen faster. 


Important Dates for September October:

September 20

Federal Election – our school will be used as a polling station

School open

September 30

No School National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

October 11

No School Thanksgiving

October 18

No School Staff Professional Development – Faith Development Day




School Website: 

Please be sure to check our school website for the most recent information and updates.  We do not send out monthly newsletters, but connect with our families by Swift messaging in PowerSchool.  It is important that you provide us with an e-mail address we can contact you at; as well as a phone number where quick text messages can be sent on a regular basis. 

Policy of First Contact:

Edmonton Catholic Schools has a policy of first contact, meaning that it is expected that you will first communicate with the person that there is a concern with.  If you are not satisfied with the conversation or you feel that you have not been heard; then you can contact the administration involving us so that we can facilitate a resolution.  Communication is key to all we do, please be sure to bring any questions or concerns to your teachers or the administrative team.  It is only by communicating effectively that we can address your concerns.

I look forward to another exciting school year working with you and your family.


Danita Power


St. Thomas Aquinas. 

full reading cabinet.jpg

Our Timberwolves reading program is in full swing! Students are participating in our first ever, whole school reading program by completing their home reading, and earning a ticket, then once every 2 weeks a winner is drawn from EACH CLASS to choose a book from our VERY FULL book cabinet. The books were selected by the students as ones they would like to win, funds have been very generously donated from our School Council to purchase the books.

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