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St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

St. Thomas Aquinas is hosting a logo walk to celebrate our feast day, Saturday, January 28th.  We we celebrate Friday, the 27th. The logo walk provides insightful information about our school logo and our patron saint, St. Thomas Aquinas.  Ten stops will be displayed along this walk with large signs, which begins at Desrochers pond and ends at the St. Thomas Aquinas School playground.  We encourage our community to participate, where the signs will be displayed throughout the school day.   If you would like to participate, we encourage you to use the accompanying guidebook (Timbercub book for younger children, Timberwolves for older children/adults).  

Please be advised, to ensure the safety of all, we ask that a safe distance is maintained between those who are participating in our walk.  We look forward to seeing you at our logo walk on Friday, January 27th!

Timbercubs Guidebook (K-3).pdf

Timberwolves Guidebook (4-9).pdf

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