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Spanish Bilingual Program



The International Spanish Academies and Bilingual Programs:

Offered for Grades 7-9

  • is consistent with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Aim for students’ high academic achievement and strong communicative skills in both Spanish and English
  • Strive to enrich and complement students’ first language
  • Place a strong emphasis on faith, language, and culture
  • Celebrate our faith with an annual gathering of all Spanish Bilingual students to honour Our Lady of Guadelupe
  • Provide French as a second language in grades 4 and upward
  • Employ dedicated professional staff and administration
  • Offer international proficiency exams as an official testing centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute of Spain
  • Offer convenient yellow bus service

What does an International Spanish Academy include?

  • Support from the Ministry of Education of Spain
  • Visiting teachers from Spain
  • Language and culture assistant programs
  • Spanish Language Advisor at Alberta Education
  • Supplemental materials and resources
  • Cultural contacts with Spain
  • Annual seminars for educators
  • The opportunity to obtain the DELE Spanish Proficiency Certificate

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