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Quarterly System and ECSD "My Way" magazine

Cardinal Collins Ascension runs classroom-based courses on a quarterly timetable.

What is a quarterly system?

The quarterly system divides the school year into four quarters, each lasting 8 weeks.  Students take a maximum of two 5-credit 30-level diploma courses.  Each class is 150 minutes, which is equivalent to a full semester of instructional time.

A quarterly system offers several benefits for students:

  • Focus on a maximum of two subjects in a eight-week period
  • Deeper & more focused learning (mastery of learning)
  • Accommodates the November, January, April & June diploma write dates
  • Accommodates post-secondary applications for the winter term
  • Incorporates personal learning time for additional support
  • Long weekends every second week if taking only one course
  • Allows students to plan their work schedule more consistently

Edmonton Catholic Schools "MY WAY" magazine 

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