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Necessary Items for Online Success

Online learning provides an authentic learning experience for students as they engage with their teacher and their peers throughout the school day. In order to successfully engage in learning, there are a few requirements of students joining our Pure Online or Blended Program.

  1. It is extremely important for students to have a reliable Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer to work on each day. iPads do not support learners enough to allow them to engage in all aspects of their online day.
  2. It is helpful for students to have a headset with a built in microphone to limit sound around them when speaking in class meetings. 
  3. Students need to have a solid internet connection as they will be working on thier Google Classroom as well as Microsoft Teams for a majority of their school day. 
  4. As we recognize the importance of both digital skills and tactile/fine-motor skills, it is essential that students ensure to have the school supplies recommended for their grade level in order to allow them to fully take part in all learning experiences.
  5. Students need a space to work from where they are free from distractions such as TV, busy areas of the house, etc. As part of their learning space it is beneficial to have all of their school supplies organized in a bin, for example, to ensure they have what is needed for the day.
  6. Students in elementary grades have agendas they write in each day. It is important that parents/guardians read these daily in order to keep informed regarding homework, upcoming activities, virtual field trips, etc. 
  7. We recognize how important connection and communication is for our students. A key contributor to success for our students and our teachers is having cameras on during the instructional day. As much as possible, we encourage our students to have their cameras on in order to allow students and staff to feel connected as well as for teachers to be able to gauge student understanding and support on task behaviour. We appreciate parent support with this matter is it is a key component of a successful learning experience. 
  8. Attendance and and active engagement are essential to student success.
  9. If registered in our Blended Program, it is essential that students attend the in-person days.

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