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What can my child expect when registering with Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School - Pure Online Program

Students can expect an experience that operates in the same manner as in-person learning. Regular attendance and engagement are essential for student success.  All programs are delivered using an outcomes-based approach that adheres to the Alberta Education Curriculum, led by an Alberta certified teacher.  There are a variety of programs available to Edmonton Catholic Schools students. 

Online learning for some students can be a more appropriate program choice than a traditional brick-and-mortar school for various reasons. This has proven to be an effective option for students in response to COVID-19, and now beyond.

What will a typical day look like for a Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High student?

A typical day for an online student will align with an in-person schedule. Attendance will be taken during the morning and afternoon for our elementary students and during each block for our junior high students. Teachers use a blend of asynchronous and synchronous instruction that mirrors an in-person classroom. Teachers are available through Google Classroom (our Learning Management System), Microsoft Teams (live instruction platform), email and telephone.

What technology is required for my child attending Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School? 

Parents/guardians need to be technology prepared for online learning. Each student will need a device that can access Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. The device can be a Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer with Windows 10 or higher. It will also need a working webcam, microphone, and reliable internet connection. We find iPads and tablets do not allow students to engage in learning appropriately. 

Who will benefit the most from online learning?

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School is open to students and families who are committed to online learning. Daily attendance and participation are essential for student success. We find students who are highly motivated, and independent learners benefit the most in a virtual classroom. We also see this program as an opportunity for children who have medical issues, making in-person learning difficult. This is also an option for students who are transitioning from home education. We encourage all families to speak with their principal and current teachers before signing up for online learning. 

My child has special needs. Will there be supports available? 

If your child has special needs, specialized services and supports will be provided online by the school team within what is reasonable based on the online context. For example, if your child has support from a member of the school’s multidisciplinary team, time together online with your child may be scheduled. Your child’s IPP will be reviewed with you and the school team, and individualized programming will continue as best as possible. 

Genesis Catholic Online Elementary/Junior High School has learning coaches, and other supports such as an FSLW to support specific online learners. 

Is there a cost?

Fees will be applied to educational technology applications used to support the learning at the Elementary and Junior High levels. Complementary course fees will be apply for Junior High students. All school fees can be found here. Specific school supplies needed to take part in online classes can be found here.

How much access will my child have to the teacher?

Online learning is authentic instruction, with the classroom teacher instructing your child based on a regular schedule, and with ongoing feedback and individual check-ins. Online learning has daily routines and structures, with scheduled start and end times, meeting with teachers and peers and break times. Our school schedules can be found here.

Programming includes live online teaching where the students and the teacher interact with each other (i.e., synchronous teaching). There will also be independent work and activities posted on your child’s Google or Microsoft classroom (asynchronous learning). Students will have whole group and small group interactions with their teacher throughout each school day. Individual meetings may be booked during office hours to address specific student needs.

What parental support is required for online learning? 

Teamwork between parents/guardians, students, and teachers is key to making online learning a success for the students. We recommend you find a designated space in your home that is distraction-free for online learning. Your child will be expected to engage in learning for a full school day, each day of the week, just like an in-person school experience. You will also be encouraged to monitor your child’s progress by checking PowerSchool regularly and reaching out to teachers via-email or scheduled calls (outside of school hours) for suggestions on supporting your child’s success. Your interest and encouragement for online learning will help your child excel in a virtual classroom.


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