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School Information

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Population: 643

Grade 10 - 219

Grade 11 - 268

Grade 12 - 156

School Motto: Faith - Excellence - Dedication


Mother Margaret  Mary  High  School’s  mission  is  based  in  the  belief  that  staff and  students  are  committed  to  building an atmosphere  of  respect and  creating  an  environment  of  excellence.  The staff  endeavors  to  provide  opportunities  and choice  for  each  student  to  develop  their  spiritual,  physical,  intellectual,  and  emotional potential.


Mother  Margaret  Mary  students  will  be  active  participants  in  directing  their  own  learning  as  they embrace the  challenges  of  learning  within  a  21st  century,  faith-filled  environment 

MMM is much more than an academic high school, our elective and extracurricular programming options are proof of that. Please compare us to other Edmonton area high schools. You may be pleasantly surprised.  Compare Schools .org

Our most recent report card from the Fraser Report shows that we show an increasing academic trend. You can find this information for all Alberta High Schools here.


Principal: Dean Rootsaert B.Ed, B.P.E.

My name is Dean Rootsaert, I am extremely honored to be the principal of Mother Margaret Mary Catholic High School. Through my 24 year career I have been fortunate to have worked in eight Edmonton Catholic schools as a teacher and administrator with MMM being my fifth high school. This has allowed me to gain valuable experience and perspective and put it into action at MMM. 

 Mother Margaret Mary is a wonderful high school built on the foundation of Faith, Excellence, and Dedication. 

 Our faith is our cornerstone and compass that guides us through our interactions with each other and our greater community. Putting our faith into action to serve others allows us to make great change in our world. How we treat each other and be the voices and hands for change in our world from a faith based perspective allows our students to gain greater moral maturity. 

 Excellence is something we strive for in everything we do, particularly with the curricular and extra-curricular programs that we offer. Our students achieve at a very high level in all areas. I am fortunate to work with a caring group of teachers and staff members who offer rich high school experiences that focus on high levels of performance. Our fine arts program is second to none, and our athletics program has shown great growth as we continue to bring home championship banners. We have a vast number of clubs and activities that provide opportunities for students outside of athletics and arts such as our award winning robotics program and student newspaper and broadcast. This is all done to the high standards that our students set for themselves.

 Our students and staff are dedicated to making our school a great place to be. Student life is of paramount importance as students move through their years in high school. We are not unlike other schools in our area that offer a wide variety of programs that contribute to a positive student experience, but our smaller size allows for greater access for our students to be involved as participants, not simply as spectators. The countless positive comments that I receive on a consistent basis about how happy students are at our school very pleasing to hear.  

 MMM is a great place to be, our students and staff make it so. 

Dean Rootsaert


Dean Rootsaert B.Ed. B.P.E. (


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