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Registration Process

Thank you for selecting Mother Margaret Mary as your High School

We are excited to have you join our school community. 

Registering for MMM

If you are registering for our WIN program or grade 11 or 12, please contact the school office and set up an appointment (780-988-2279). 

Students registering for grade 10, who are currently enrolled in an ECSD school, must update the School Intention section for their student in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. (Active February 28 - March 17) 

Students registering for grade 10 from outside the Edmonton Catholic School Division must also complete a division registration form.

Course Selection at MMM

You will find a link to our grade 10 course selection form at the bottom of this page. We encourage you to submit this form prior to March 12.

Use our MMM 2022 - 2023 View Book as a guide to assist you in selecting your courses. This information will be used at a later date during a registration meeting with yourself and an MMM staff member. Please do not submit duplicate forms. If changes are required, they can be made during the registration meeting. Meetings will be conducted via Microsoft Teams for all current ECSD students and by phone for non-ECSD students. Students applying from outside of the Edmonton Catholic School Division must complete the ECSD registration form found on our school and division website. 

Grade 10 students at MMM are required to have a full schedule consisting of eight blocks of classes.  

5 credit = full block (everyday for one semester)    

3 credit = half block (every day for half of one semester) 

Please watch our short video on how to fill an eight block schedule. 

Entry interviews for course confirmation

After completing this form, our administration will review all of your current grades to confirm pre-requisites, contact you, and finalize your course selections. Again, please only submit once, if any changes need to be made they will be completed during your entry interview.

Students, along with a parent, are asked to make themselves available for a call on Microsoft Teams on the evening designated to their school between 6:00pm and 8:30pm. Unfortunately scheduling individual appointments does not work well as some interviews take 10 minutes and others 30 minutes. We feel this is the best solution under our current circumstances. We ask for your patience and understanding.

Entry interview dates:

March 14 - Archbishop Joseph MacNeil

March 15 - St. John XXIII

March 16 - Monsignor Fee Otterson

March 17 - St. Thomas Aquinas

March 21-22 - Non-Feeder Schools (Non-ECSD students will be contacted by phone)

* Students who miss their designated evening will be contacted before spring break

We look forward to working with you.

Select your courses here!

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