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Advanced Placement

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The Advanced Placement (AP) Program provides motivated high school students with post-secondary level academic courses. 

Benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses

Dual Admission: Many universities will use the higher grade of either AP exam or the mark awarded by Alberta Education for that course when determining competitive averages for applications. This gives the students two opportunities to achieve a competitive mark!

AP Exam Result

Course Grade Equivalent









Advanced Credit: Students may receive transfer credit on successfully completing the AP exam with a 4 or 5 (on a 5 scale), thus saving expensive post-secondary tuition and/or allowing for greater flexibility in their college or university course schedule.

Click on the following links to see what each University in Edmonton offers for credit:

University of Alberta

MacEwan University

Concordia University

King’s University

Higher University Success: Research shows that students who write the AP Exam typically experience greater academic success than similar students who do not participate in AP, no matter what mark they receive on the AP exam!

Advanced Placement Opportunities at MMM

AP in-class courses include:

      • English Literature and Composition
      • Calculus AB
      • Physics 1
      • Physics 2
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Computer Science A
      • Psychology AP
      • Studio Art

AP on-line courses include:

      • Statistics
      • Environmental Sciences
      • European History
      • Art History

School Fees:

To recover the cost of the AP program, students enrolled in AP are billed a non-refundable $150 (split over two years: $75 in grade 11 and $75 in grade 12). The total fee of $150 covers one or more AP classes and exams the student is enrolled in. There are no additional fees.

AP Exam Schedule:

AP Program Overview:

Advanced Placement was created by Harvard, Princeton, and Yale and is run by The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP), a collaborative community of AP teachers and students, states, districts, schools, colleges, and universities committed to the daily work of developing college-level knowledge and skills since 1955. More than 5 million AP exams are written yearly around the world and AP is the most recognized enhanced program in North America.

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