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Teacher Advisor (TA)

Each student at MMM is assigned a Teacher Advisor. Our goal is to have every student connected to, at least, one adult in the school. Each Teacher Advisor is available to the students in their TA every morning from 8:20am - 8:27am and during Thursday student activity time from 10:03am - 10:43am. The schedule for Student Activity time is below. 

During the 2021 - 2022 school year we have produced a speaker series, in conjunction with YoungLeaders.World, that we feel will resonate with the students at MMM. 

MMM Thursday TA and Student Activity Schedule 

September 2 (Day A) 


September 9 (Day B) 

Club Day / Post-Secondary Registration Day 

September 16 (Day A) 

Career Day Prep (Students meet in TA to pick sessions for Career Day) 

September 23 (No Classes) 

Career Day (Schedule to come) 

September 30 (No Classes) 

Truth and Reconciliation Day (School Closed) 

October 7 (Day B) 

Thanksgiving Celebration 

October 14 (Day A) 

World Leaders Speaker 1 (Students gather in gym) 

October 21 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 1 follow-up (Students meet in TA) 

October 28 (Day A) 

Storm Council Halloween who done it (Students meet in TA) 

November 4 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 2 (Students gather in gym) 

November 11 (No Classes) 

Remembrance Day (School Closed) 

November 18 (Day A) 

World Leaders Speaker 2 follow up (Students meet in TA) 

November 25 (Day B) 

Pep Rally (Students gather in gym) 

December 2 (Day A) 

Advent Liturgy (students gather in gym) 

December 9 (Day B) 

Storm Council Christmas Activities 

December 17 (Day A) 

Ice Storm, (Modified schedule, Block 1, Block 2, Ice Storm) 

December 23 & 30 (No Classes) 

Christmas Break 

January 6 (Day B) 

No TA time, longer class time 

January 13 (Day A) 

No TA time, longer class time 

January 20 & 27 


February 3 (Day A) 

My Blueprint (Students in TA) 

February 10 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 3 (Students gather in gym) 

February 17 (Day A) 

World Leaders Speaker 3 follow up (Students meet in TA) 

February 24 (Day B) 

TA catch up 

March 3 (No Classes) 

Teacher Convention 

March 10 (Day A) 

MMM In School Registration & Grad messaging for grade 12  

(Students Gather in TA) 

March 17 (Day B) 

MMM In School Registration & Grad messaging for grade 12  

(Students Gather in TA) 

March 25 (Day A) 

TA catch up 

March 31` (No Classes) 

Spring Break 

April 7 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 4 (Students gather in gym) 

April 14 (Day A) 

World Leaders Speaker 4 follow-up (Students meet in TA) 

April 21 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 5 (Students gather in gym) 

April 28 (No Classes) 


May 5 (Day A) 

Easter Liturgy (Students gather in gym) 

May 12 (Day B) 

World Leaders Speaker 5 follow-up (Students meet in TA) 

May 19 (Day A) 

Changemaker Prep (Students meet in TA) 

May 26 (No Classes) 

Changemaker Day 

June 2 (Day B) 

Pep Rally (Students gather in gym) 

June 9 (Day A) 

Year End Liturgy 

June 16 (Day B) 

TA Catch up 



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