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Teams, Clubs, and Groups

These are opportunities for students to become involved at MMM.

Art Club, Anime Club, Broadcast, Cappies, Citadel Club, Dance Team, E-Sports, Grad Committee, Improv Club, Jazz Band, Liturgical Music Ministry, Model United Nations, Photography Club, Science Club, STORM Council, Storm PALS, Storm Scoop (news paper), STORM Robotics Team, Skills Canada Team, Yearbook Committee, Year Play. 

Frequently Asked Questions (not all clubs represented)

NameFocus or ThemeWhen does it meet?Who is it for?Do I need any special skills?

Citadel Club
To attend live performances of the 6 main stage plays at the Edmonton Citadel throughout the school year. We watch a pre-show about a technique used in theatre, watch the show, then get to meet the actors and ask them questions.
Usually starts in October/early November, then we have plays in February-March-April and May.
Anyone, all grades and no limit on the club. Students must have a parent/guardian drive them and pick them up downtown on the evening of the public transport is allowed.
Those interested in our improve, drama, school plays, and English AP courses would love this club

Grad Committee

Planning, Organizing and promoting grad celebration activities for Gr.12 graduates

September - June
All Grade 12's can apply

Dance Team
To perform at liturgies, pep rally's, school events and Fine Art Showcases.
September to June. Meet After school.
All grade levels can join.
Students must have dance experience.

Storm PALS (Pride Advocacy League of Students)
Student GSA (gender and sexuality alliance)
Year long, weekly at lunch
All 2SLGBTQIA+ students, cisgender and heterosexual students interested in allyship and building community, and generally anyone interested in fostering a spirit of safety, equity, and belonging at MMM.
Our mandate is to uphold these values:  The club is here in service of students; they may attend when they need it and when they can contribute to it, however often or infrequently that may be. Confidentiality within the safe space is paramount: there is no attendance taken or membership reporting permitted. There is no requirement to come out, disclose personal information, or participate in any club-related activism/events.

Yearbook Club
To create a memorable book that reflects the experiences and events that take place at Mother Margaret Mary High School.
The club runs from October through June. We meet when it's most convenient for the group. Usually at lunch for brief check-in meetings. Then once every two months for any lengthy meetings.
Generally grade 11 and 12's like to join the yearbook club so they can have the opportunity to make it their own. But the club is open to anyone from any grade who are interested in photography,  designing, and creating a yearbook.
No special skills required,  just an interest in designing, creating, photography and selling the yearbook.

Improv Team
To perform Improv against other schools at the Northern Alberta Improv League and the Wildfire Festival
All year. Perform once a month, meet at least once a week.
Any one, any grade.
Performance, acting, and theatre.

Drama Production
To perform a show (musical or drama) for the school, and a general audience.
Rehearsals are in September, show usually runs in late March.
Any student, any grade. You do not have to be a drama student to be a part of the production.
Performance, theatre, set design, construction, make up, costuming, tech for the theatre (lighting and sound) props, special effects, marketing.

Storm Robotics

For more than 10 years, robotics has become a popular method of teaching technical skills at the middle and high school level. Commonly structured as competitions, these programs encourage the design, assembly and programming of purpose built machines to achieve a particular objective. The VEX program integrates physical concepts such as power, torque and mechanical advantage with the abstract concepts of programming to produce a tangible outcome. The high-school oriented program is based on a meccano-like system called VEX, which consists of structural components, motors, sensors and a programmable controller. Each year a challenge is issued, involving the manipulation of objects for points. Competitors have a few months to build their robots and then gather for competition.

VEX competition is an event for the STORM Robotics Club at Mother Margaret Mary High School to plan, design, and build a fully functional robot. This robot is designed to complete a task and be assembled after school hours during our weekly meetings.

September - June with the exception of exam weeks on Thursday after school from 12:15 - 3pm
Anyone can join the club with preference given to students who have experience in VEX robotics and coding.  There are 2 teams of 4-5 students.  For 2022-23 school year, we have one senior team of 4 students and one junior team of 4 students.  The senior team is full.  We are looking for two enthusiastic students to join the junior team.

STORM eSports
Provide a challenging and fun experience for the gamers of MMM.
Usually 4-5 tournaments held outside of regular school hours. Players will play from home with their own electronic gaming equipment.
It is open to ALL students (many staff members play in the tournaments as well!)
If you love to game, MMM eSports is for you!

Debate Club
Debate of a wide variety of topics in current events practicing the skill of source analysis, research, historical concepts as well a developing an argument with evidential support.
Debate Club runs full year, at lunch on Mondays.
Anyone is welcome to join this club!
Open Mindedness and a willingness to take part in challenging conversation!

Art Club
This is a club of all the most talented artists in the school. We support local charities though sticker and art sales, beautify the school with large scale murals and hanging art, help with set design for yearplay, design school publications like the yearbook cover and grad pamphlets and support our school community with other requested projects.
All year after school on thursdays
Any student with art experience. Application is needed
Students must be strong in technical art skills

StormcastJoin our broadcast team. Take part in front of the camera or behind. Learn to run a studio, operate a camera, or write copy for our on screen talent. Share some good news of the day. Mornings for broadcast with the odd lunch organizational meetings. Any students with a desire to participate in club can join. You do not need to be on air all the time :)Technical skills would be nice, but not required.

Anime ClubDo you enjoy Anime? So do we. Join our club to watch and enjoy the art of Anime.Weekly at lunch throughout the year.All are welcome.
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