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High School as it is meant to be.

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Meet Mr. Dean Rootsaert, Principal MMM

Mr. Rootsaert is available for any general questions about MMM. Contact via email at

Learn More about Principal Dean Rootsaert

Chaplain and Religious Education

Learn about what the role of the Chaplain is at MMM. Learn more about the social justice initiatives at MMM and how our faith comes alive through action. 

Religious Education Website

Storm Council

Learn more about how Storm Council functions as a group and how student activities are organized at MMM. 

Learn more about Storm Council

Storm Athletics

Being a part of the Storm is awesome. Learn more about the vibrant athletic culture at MMM. We are all the storm.  

Learn more about "The Storm"

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement is recognized and respected worldwide for the academic rigour of its curricula and high standards of its assessments.

Learn More about Advanced Placement

Student Services

Mother Margaret Mary High School is committed to offering choice and support to students with differing abilities and learning support requirements.

Learn More about Student Services,  Knowledge and Employability, and WIN.

Graduation Coach and post-secondary planning

The role of the graduation coach is to track each student's progress through their high school career while at MMM to ensure they meet all graduation requirements as outlined by Alberta Education.

Graduation coach website

General registration questions

Students from outside of the MMM boundaries or MMM ECSD feeder schools may wish to stop here to ask questions about the registration process. 

Non-ECSD student registration page

English Language Arts

The love of literature runs deep at MMM. Also learn more about being involved in some of our writing based student groups such as The Storm Scoop student newspaper

English Language Arts website


What is the difference between the -1 and -2 streams, AP Math and our new course Math 10C+. What is Calculus and do I need to take it?

Mathematics Website


How does high school science work? How many sciences should I take? AP Science vs. Regular Science stream. General Science 20 and 30. 

Sciences website

Social Studies

Who doesn't love a good debate? What topics are covered in high school social studies? 

Social Studies website

Art, Digital Media, Music and Photography 

Visual art and Music is alive and well at MMM. Learn about these exceptional programs. 

Art website, Digital Media website, Music website, Photography website.

Dance, Drama, Improv, and Yoga Fitness

Discover the performer in you at MMM. 

Dance website, Drama website, Yoga Fitness website.

Culinary Arts and Construction

What skills will you learn in these two courses? What is the Skills Canada competition and how can I be involved?

Culinary Arts website, Construction website

Business, Computer Science, Design Studies, Electronic Technology, and Information Processing

These are not simply spreadsheet and computer courses. Learn more about the ins and outs of these very technical courses. All first year engineering students must take a computer science course in their first year. Gain an upper hand. 

Business Management website, Computer Science website, Design Studies website, Electronic Tech website, Information Processing website

Physical Education and Sports Medicine

High school physical education programs provide greater opportunity to discover diverse activities in a physical activity based environment. Sports medicine includes topics such as Injury Management, Musculoskeletal Systems, and Health Services Foundations.  

Physical Education website, Sports Medicine website.

Second Languages (Spanish and French)

Bonjour! Hola! MMM has two wonderful second language programs. Discover what these two programs have to offer. 

Second Languages website

Thank you for visiting MMM

We hope you enjoyed your time with us. 

MMM Website

Thank you for visiting MMM

We hope you enjoyed your time with us. 

MMM Website

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