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Hot Lunch Information and Orders



MWI School Council is so excited to announce that we have THREE Hot Lunch events ready to go for the remainder of the year.


Lunch Date


Order cut-off date*


Friday, April 29th

Purple Perogy

Sunday, April 24th

Gr. 1 - 6 

Friday, May 20th

Panago & Confetti Sweets

Sunday, May 15th

Gr. 1 - 6 

Friday, June 10th 

Booster Juice SNACK

Sunday, June 5th

Kinder - Gr. 6

*Late orders CANNOT be processed.  You MUST place the order by MIDNIGHT on the SUNDAY before the lunch date.  No exceptions will be made.


Getting orders in for your kid(s) is SUPER easy!


  1. Head to
  2. If you already have an account for this year (from the Holiday Greenery sale), login.  If you don’t, click  REGISTER ACCOUNT.  Then you can set up the account, your child(ren) and class(es).
  3. For each child, select their food choices for each day and checkout.


On the day of the Hot Lunch, the lunches will be delivered to the classrooms for the children who have ordered them at lunch hour.  For the Booster Juice snack in June, it will be delivered for morning snack (the PM kinder orders will be kept frozen and passed out during their snack time).   


These events cannot happen without the help of volunteers.  This is a great opportunity to connect or reconnect with the school community.  To volunteer to help with one or all of the Hot Lunches, please visit the Volunteer Sign up Sheet here

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