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Item Order Form SPIRIT WEAR


MWI Spirit Wear is available at

All orders are made online and shipped to your home!  No missing deadlines or sending money to school.  You can order exactly what style you want, what color you want…anytime, anywhere!

Items for purchase;  T-Shirts, Shorts, Sweat pants, Track pants, pullover Hoodies, full zip hoodies, crewnecks, jackets, hats, toques, and even a personalized MWI backpack.

Size Chart:  Each item for sale will have a link to a size chart for that specific brand unless it is a one size fits all item.

How to Customize: Most items have the option to add custom information such as a name, initials, grade/class, or even a sport number.  You can be as creative as you wish with what you decide to add on to the item. 

  • Under the heading CHOOSE DESIGN select Front, Back, Right, or Left
  • Click the box “CUSTOMIZE WITH YOUR NAME FOR AN ADDITIONAL $4.00” and write whatever name or word you wish.
  • Click the box “Customize with your number for an additional $4.00”to add your child’s Class (i.e. 3A), their age, favorite number, or the year.
  •  CHOOSE A COLOR will pop up, by clicking on the PRIMARY COLOR button you will be offered all of the possible colors to write the name in. 

Payment Methods: the website accept credit and debit payments using Visa and MasterCard   

Shipping: FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all orders over $50 in Canada.  Shipping time can range from 3 – 7 business day

Returns:  Please see website for return information

Questions regarding ordering spirit wear can be directed to:

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