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Catholic Faith

In the spirit of our namesake, Monsignor William Irwin, we are committed to assisting our students in learning the skills, tools, knowledge, and attitudes that will contribute to their growth as highly engaged and motivated 21st Century learners in both French and English

The École Monsignor William Irwin Catholic Elementary School community does its utmost to produce well-educated Catholic children whose values are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We endeavor to help our students develop aptitudes for life-long learning, strong moral decision-making skills, and improved health in mind, body, and spirit. Our school provides students with superior academic preparation in French and in English for their journey in education for the 21st Century, enabling them to serve as leaders and valuable members of the church community, the nation of Canada, and the global world.

Catholic Identity:

In the spring of 2014, the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association held the Growing Forward Catholic Education Symposium.  This symposium, which involved a variety of stakeholders in Catholic education, included presentations from Dr. Reginald Bibby and Archbishop J. Michael Miller, Secretary for the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education.  Input from those stakeholders was integrated with the symposium material and presented in the Growing Forward-2014 Catholic Education Symposium Final Report. 

For more information about how we as a school and Catholic school district bring the gospels to life for our students and community, go to our District page of Catholic Identity.

Religious Education:

All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and instructs students on an overview of our Catholic beliefs centered on 6 tasks of Catechesis:

  • Believing (Promoting the Knowledge of Faith)
  • Celebrating (Liturgical Education)
  • Living a Moral Life (Moral Formation)
  • Praying (Teaching to Pray)
  • Living in Communion (Education for Community Life)
  • Living in Solidarity (Missionary Initiation)

Alberta Education - Religious Education Curriculum


Dates of school events and celebrations can be found on our school calendar.

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