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Bus Transportation


More information can be found in our

School Information: Transportation Fees section

As well as on our District's Transportation page


Information about your child's bus route is accessed through the Parent Portal.


Transportation Information for September 2020

Transportation Services:

Hours:  Mon - Fri  7:15 AM – 5:00 PM       Thursday 7:15 - 4:00 PM

Phone:     780 441 6078


For kindergarten students beginning school September 2020 – parents must fill out a pink kindergarten bus form and submit it to the school by May 20th. A reminder that there is now a fee for kindergarten busing. Forms can be submitted by email to or dropped off in the school foyer. 

Kinder Transportation Form 2020-2021

For  students beginning grade 1 in September 2020  – parents must submit an application to Transportation to set up busing for September.  Kinder busing does not roll over!  We have sent a copy of the application via email to all current kindergarten families. If an application is not submitted, Grade 1 students cannot ride the bus until their names appear on the running board. Requests submitted in September can take up to a MONTH to process. Forms can be submitted by email to or dropped off in the school foyer. 

2020-21 Transportation Application


For students entering grade 2 to 6 – busing for these students will roll over.  If you want your grade 2 to 6 child to continue taking the bus---DO NOTHING!  Bus service will continue in September 2020.  Transportation will update routes and provide information regarding stops and times in August 2020. However, if you want to CANCEL busing or need a CHANGE OF ADDRESS for busing, please submit this information to by May 20th. 

For students entering grade 7 – You do not need to cancel busing at MWI.  Contact your junior high for details about busing to your new school.

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