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Liturgical Music, One Voice and Golden Wolves Assemblies

One Voice

Each week, students from different grade levels gather to pray in song. Students are given opportunities to participate through singing, movement, and quiet reflection. The result is a unified music ministry for our celebrations, gatherings, and parish visits. This common learning experience brings us into communion with one another, celebrating the opportunity to be a part of a Catholic Education learning experience.

During One Voice, MWI students gather as a community to worship and praise through liturgical and inspirational music. This happens 4 - 5 times throughout the year.  We assemble in Division groups. It is an opportunity for all of our students to explore Scripture and to break open the Gospel message that God is love; to feel God's love for them, our school, and our extended MWI family community. We are the greatest witness to the work of the Holy Spirit among us. 

Golden Wolves Assemblies

At our Golden Wolves Assemblies, we revisit the Golden Wolves Ways. Emphasis is placed on students reflecting on their actions and celebrating good choices. Ask your child how he/she can be a Golden Wolf.

Golden Wolves Ways

Be RESPECTFUL/Sois respectueux

BE RESPONSIBLE/Sois responsable

BE KIND/Sois gentil 


Be a part of our 

Golden Wolf Pack 

and follow the 

Golden Wolves Ways

wol ves.jpg

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