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Clubs and Extra-curricular

In addition to our regular academic programs, we also offer your child a variety of extra-curricular options:

  • Volleyball
  • Floor Hockey 
  • Running Club
  • Knights of Columbus Basketball Free Throw
  • Student Leadership
  • Chess Club
  • DiscoverE Coding Club (Collaboration with the University of Alberta)



 Student Clubs

  • LEGO League

In 2019-2020 we offered our first Lego League Club. In February 2020, the MWI FIRST LEGO league team competed at NAIT along with 42 other teams from all over northern Alberta. Each team had to create a solution to a real-world problem based on the year’s “city shaper” theme. Teams had to design and build an EV3 LEGO robot, and program the robot to complete a variety of missions for points. In addition, they had to present their solutions and robot design to a panel of judges and showcase their robot's ability to successfully complete missions over three trials.

Our team decided to explore what we can do as a school to reduce our consumption of energy and oil-based products. Various guest presenters came to discuss with the students different perspectives on the topic.

Trophies were awarded at the end of the day for teams showing excellence in the various areas they had to complete and we are proud to share that our grade six team won the LEGO trophy for best “Innovative Solution”. Congratulations to the MWI Golden Pack team for all their hard work and success in our very first year in LEGO League! Thank you to Mme Sandy and Mrs. D’Agostini for their commitment and enthusiasm in leading our team. 


  • Wellness Club

Staff and students participate in activities to develop physical literacy, active living, healthy eating, and positive mental health. 


  • We share a Wellness Message every day on morning announcements
  • We demonstrate exercises or mindful moments for students to do throughout the day
  • We organize recess games or activities to encourage movement and play. 
  • We prepare presentations for classes on healthy eating and active living


  • Musical Theatre Club

The goal of this club is to inspire our students to become more passionate with music, dance, and theatre. In addition, we hope to nurture students’ creative and artistic talents. Students can participate in the musical production in various ways:

  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Designing costumes and props
  • Assisting backstage
  • Marketing and advertisements
  • Designing the musical logo (the winning logo is printed on the musical club tshirts)






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