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Inclusive Learning Environment

We envision a school where students are welcome and nurtured in a safe and inclusive community. Our goal is to assist students to achieve their full potential. 

We support all learners through the Collaborative Response Model (CRM) framework.

 MWI Collaborative Response Model

  • School and division staff working together to build and share collaborative practices to ensure success for all students
  • School wide framework that values collaborative data-informed discussions, action-focused responses, and timely intervention
  • Planned collaborative team meetings which may include: teacher, learning coach, educational assistant, therapeutic assistants in behavior therapy (TABT), parents and administration 
  • Collaboration with division inclusive consultants
  • School continuum of supports identifying strategies, accommodations, and interventions available to support the diverse needs of students
  • Supports focused on literacy, numeracy, and mental health/wellbeing


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