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School Information

School Motto:

Faith and Hope in Action

School Mission:

Sister Annata Brockman Catholic Elementary Junior High School is a vibrant, flexible learning community, centered in Christ, where every student progresses and experiences success as a 21st century learner.

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School Vision:

Inspired by God, in relationship with home, school and parish, students are nurtured to become their best selves through faith, hope and love.

With Christ as our role model and Sister Annata Brockman as our namesake, seeing each person as a gift of God with special talents, our school staff adapts our teaching and learning environment in many ways so that every student is able to progress and experience success.

Blessed with the Holy Spirit, our students strive to love according to the Gospel to show respect for all people, to appreciate diversity, to work hard in a spirit of joyful, creative, collaborative achievement in a balanced program of academics, arts, physical activity and technology.

Our Namesake:

 Sister Annata Brockman was a nun who lived in Edmonton, Alberta for over 50 years. She placed a high value on education and reminded us often that we all are loved. Sister Annata was born in Middle Lake, Saskatchewan on September 7, 1927 into a family of 12 children.  She attended university and earned two Master's degrees in Educational Administration and Theology. She taught in Nova Scotia and British Columbia before settling in Edmonton in 1960. She was a teacher and administrator for more than two decades before becoming the principal at St. Mark, St. Dominic, and St. Andrew Schools with the Edmonton Catholic School Division. 

In 2008, ECSD announced the building of a new K-9 school in the Hamptons neighbourhood in West Edmonton to be named Sister Annata Brockman Catholic Elementary-Junior High School. For the first 6 years of the operation of the school, Sister Annata would greet all the students on the first day of school with a smile and a hand shake as they entered the building. She would have weekly visits at the school with students and staff. 

Sister Annata passed away on October 25, 2016 in Halifax.  Today, the tradition continues of all students entering the front door on the first day of school to be greeted and welcomed by school staff. Sister's legacy  is evident in the way students care for and take care of each other.  
Remembering Sister Annata Brockman

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