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My Child's Learning

We have offered ECSD teachers pacing guides over the past years to ensure guidance in covering learner outcomes and cross-curricular integrations of concepts, knowledge, and skills. These guides are invaluable in their support for instruction, assessment, student demonstration of learning, and more.   

Our guides have evolved with the new curriculum to include instructional support, assessment practices, technology considerations, and more. This is a chance to ensure strong pedagogy, depth of foundational knowledge and skills, and considerations of curriculum connections across the subject areas. 

These pacing guides have been co-constructed by teacher working groups and Learning Services consultants. Teachers at Sister Annata Brockman follow the ECSD pacing guides.

Alberta is committed to creating an inclusive education system that inspires and enables all students to achieve success and fulfillment.
We recognize that parents play an important role in shaping the way their children view learning. As a parent, you understand more than anyone else how your child learns and processes information. This resource will provide you with a better understanding of Alberta’s curriculum and related information for your child. This tool can help you discover what your child is learning, how they’re assessed, and what resources are available to help them be successful from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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