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Graduation Commencements & Banquet

To the Parent(s) or Caregiver(s) of St. Oscar Romero’s 2022 Graduate: 

We are excited to share new details regarding Graduation!

Ticket Sales are now open for purchasing. Graduation Commencements and Banquet will take place at the Fantasyland Hotel on May 19th and 20th. Events on both days will begin promptly at 6:30 PM.

  • Commencement (May 19th, 2022) – Tickets will be $12/Person (Graduates are free only for Commencements)
  • Banquet (May 20th, 2022) – Tickets will be $86/person (Includes a $1 transaction fee)

Please note, the ticket fee for both days is to cover the cost of rentals, hotel staff, ballroom rental, meals, drinks, décor, and other expenses that make this event very special for our graduates. At this time, there is no limit on the number of tickets available for purchase. Additionally, in order for Banquet Tickets to be purchased, all students fees must be paid for in advance. Should you require further support with paying outstanding fees, please contact Sam Stowe, Business Manager, at or at (780) 428-2705.

If you require assistance with accessing your PowerSchool account, please contact Diane Yip, Administrative Assistant, at or at (780) 428-2705. 

As the Graduation Committee, we endeavor to provide the most meaningful graduation experience for our school community. Please direct any questions regarding the graduation celebration to


St. Oscar Romero Graduation Committee

How Do I Purchase Commencement and Grad Tickets?

Please see the following attachment for detailed instructions on how to purchase tickets. A reminder that graduates are free for only the Commencements. 

Instructions - How to purchase tickets?

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