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Our School

Small School... Big Advantage 

At Romero we endeavor to maintain a standard of excellence in all our programs and to provide a variety of learning opportunities for all students.Our students experience a diverse, safe and caring Catholic learning environment, where everyone is valued and respected. We realize that High School provides the educational basis for our students’ future. By providing meaningful opportunities for our students to realize their passions, and to find success, we are essentially helping them grow, discover and work to find their best selves. Below is a quick overview of the various programs we offer at Romero.

School Programs

  • Advanced Placement
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • CTS
  • Braided Journeys 
  • Dual Credit
  • Modern Languages
  • Work Experience
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Building Community

  • Teacher Advisor Programa5.PNG
  • Braided Journeys Program
  • Chaplaincy Program
  • Social Justice
  • Student Leadership Team
  • Student Council

The School Building

  • Wireless campus
  • Designed for Community & Collaboration14.PNG
  • Central Gathering Space - known as the CORE
  • Library (a place for students to meet, work on projects, research, or just read magazines)
  • Gymnasium and Fitness Center
  • Fine Arts- a stage onto the central gathering area
  • Dedicated drama and music rooms
  • CTS programs, foods, computers, construction (wood), Fabrication (metal)
  • Dedicated Science Labs
  • Teacher Preparation and Collaboration
  • Small Group Learning Rooms
  • Student Services
  • Student Union/Leadership Team (stage)
  • Braided Journeys RoomSchool.jpg

Student Population

  • A School Designed for 754
  • Grades 10-12
  • Feeder School & catchment area (H.E. Beriault and Sister Annatta Brockmann)
  • 87th Ave on the north; 149 St. and the river on the east; North Saskatchewan River (south); City Boundary (west)
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