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Second Language Courses


St. Oscar Romero offers French, Spanish and Filipino. Second language courses at the 30 level may be used for university entrance and there is no diploma exam. 

French 10-9Y / 20-9Y / 30-9Y (5 CREDITS EACH) 

This nine-year course sequence is for students who began their study of French in Grade 4 and who continued this program at the junior level and want to continue to pursue in senior high. Students who complete their French language studies with a 60% or higher at the junior high level will enroll in French 10-9Y. During their three years of French  language instruction in high school, students use their knowledge of French to understand and communicate effectively in various situations for various purposes through their knowledge of linguistic elements of the French language and culture nationally and internationally.

Spanish 10-3Y / 20-3Y / 30-3Y (5 CREDITS EACH) 

The 3-year Spanish sequence is intended for students who are just beginning their study of Spanish. Students will explore various topics and develop their skills in listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing. Oral communication and the study of culture is an important part of these three courses. 

Filipino 15 / 25 / 35 (5 CREDITS EACH) 

Through the various language situations experienced in this program, students will become more aware of the cultural diversity of Filipino-speaking people inside and outside of Canada. Students will learn to apply various language-learning strategies that facilitate the development of their communicative, linguistic, and cultural knowledge.

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