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What will the Drive-In Look Like?

Honoring Class of 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians of Romero Grade 12 Students; 

These are unusual times and absolutely everything that we are doing in our world, has been impacted by COVID.  Whatever we did in the past, in relation to events (i.e. weddings, funerals, school, Diploma Exams, post-secondary courses, athletics, shopping, grad, etc.), has changed and is no longer as it had been.  Once this pandemic is effectively over, it can be anticipated that many things that we previously did, will continue to be impacted by the ‘new normal’. 

Each person and each organization are attempting to do the best possible, under the changing protocols and requirements necessary to try and ensure the health of all involved. 

Collectively, we have put a tremendous number of hours into Grad, which is no different from any other year, however this year will be very different from the usual event, primarily due to the COVID restrictions.  We are incredibly excited to share that our Grade 12 Students will be honored through a Drive-In Grad! We are jointly planning our convocation with three other ECSD High Schools (St. Francis Xavier, Holy Trinity, and Archbishop O’Leary) for this Grad 2021 convocation.   

Romero will utilize the same convocation format, but a different date and time from the other three high schools, all sharing the same venue and stage. Such a collaboration will assist to reduce costs and increase what is then possible, since we are unable to access an indoor venue, due to COVID protocols. 

With the COVID restrictions in mind, this is what the Romero Grad 2021 will look like: 

Picture2.pngImage provided by Invert 720 Productions.

When: June 21st from 7:00-8:00 PM. Gates will open at 5:30 PM. 

Where: Castrol Raceway (50342 Range Rd 253, Edmonton International Airport). 

How: The convocation will be presented as a drive-in format (not a drive-through) with the opportunity for graduates to walk the stafe! Parking stalls will be lined-out and available for purchase in advance. While we initially stated that each graduate would only be permitted only one carload of family members for a set fee, we are now looking at increasing that number. 

More information coming soon! 

Tell me more!

There will be 2 large High Definition 30’ x 17’ presentation screens to show the stage. These screens are among the largest mobile display screens in North America in stunning crisp HD! Through this outdoor screen, we will display vibrant, high resolution images, special effects transitions and blending of computer graphics, video playback images, and live cameras.

It will be broadcasted on FM 88.7 so that attendees in their cars could hear easier. We will also be broadcasting the event live (and recording it) so that loved ones, near and far, are still a part of your special day. 

To capture your special day, LifeTouch (photographer) will be onsite, taking photos of the Grads as they leave the stage. These will be made accessible to you by mail. 

Important Information: 

  • Family attendees are not able to exit their vehicles unless they are going to use the washroom. 
  • No limos and no 15-passenger vans, vehicles larger than this or commercial vehicles. Please note, non-compliance will result in you being turned away. 
  • There will be a towing service onsite in the event a vehicle did not start.

More details to follow! Stay tuned. 😊

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