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Honours Awards, Top Marks, Community Service and Leadership Awards

At the end of every school year, students who achieved honours standing will be recognized based on the criteria below set by ECSD.  All honour recipients will receive a honours certificate at the Academic Awards Night ceremony.

To be eligible for the honours awards in ECSD High Schools, students must achieve:

  • An average of 80% or higher
  • No mark below 65%
  • Courses used in the calculation must be consistent with the grade in which the student is registered. For example: A 30-level subject cannot be used to calculate honours standing in grade 11 and if a grade 11 student takes a 30-level course, it will be calculated with their grades in grade 12. 
  • All calculations are based on Final Marks. 

Top Marks in Each Course

The student who achieves the highest mark in each subject will receive an award. Your teacher will forward the names of the highest achieving student in each subject area. 

Community Service and Leadership Awards

Teachers nominate students each year who have gone above and beyond to serve others. This may be through clubs, volunteer opportunities or special situations that students encounter. The Academic Awards committee looks at each nominee for the criteria linked.

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