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Scholarship Application Tips

As you prepare your applications, it is very important that you present a professional and well put-together application. Consider the following: 

  • Follow all instructions; all documents requested must be included
  • Prepare well in advance of deadlines - date that application “must be received by …” is not the day that it must be mailed
  • Request reference letters well in advance of deadlines, even before you apply - request permission from all referees to be used 
  • Online submissions are usually in two segments – watch your inbox for further instructions
  • Watch the time, in ALBERTA (mountain time or UTC-6), for online submission deadline 
  • Inactivity may also log you out – nothing saves, so start and finish in one session 
  • Do not use your school issued email account. You will lose access to that account after you graduate. You should have a professional email address - preferably one with some combination of your first, middle, and last names. Try using combinations of names and initials as well as period's to create a name. Try to avoid using numbers. or or are better than

How do I get Reference Letters? 

Reference Letters can be written by any of the following individuals:

  • Teachers/Graduation Coach
  • Counsellors
  • Music/Voice Teacher
  • Work Supervisor (if you have more than 6 months employment)
  • Volunteer Supervisor
  • Club/Sports Coach or Administrator
  • Spiritual Leader
  • Principal

It is important to note, that a reference must never be made by a relative. Be sure you have up to date contact information for all of your references.

Make a Scholarship Table:

A scholarship table is a document you create in any word processing or spreadsheet software. The table contains all of your activities, clubs, volunteer work, jobs, hobbies, and teams. You want to put the details down in print so you have them at your fingertips when submitting applications online.

For more information regarding Scholarships, please contact: 

Gregory Voigt, Graduation Coach 


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