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Fine Arts

Art Picture 1.jpgSt. Oscar Romero offers a wide variety of Fine Arts programming for students who wish to have a greater emphasis on the Fine Arts in their educational choices. For more information and details on the specific courses offered, please check out the Romero Student Registration Guide.  


The Visual Arts Program has students experience the creation of visual images through a variety of traditional and contemporary tools, materials, and media. Acquiring proficiency in creating visual images requires systematic instruction in how students see, interpret, and make sense of visual stimuli. Students interested in pursuing advanced level Arts may wish to consider Art AP and earn university credits. See the AP site for more details. 


Drama is an art that can develop the whole person: emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically, and socially. Drama allows for positive group interaction and tolerance. Students work together to reach common goals. As students progress through the dramatic forms of expression at the secondary level, a greater emphasis is placed upon the development of the individual as a creator, performer, historian, critic, and patron. Drama is offered in class but there are also additional classes that may be taken outside of class time for additional experience and credits.



At each level the concepts of ear training, technical development, sight reading, musical styles and interpretation are explored at a deepening level. There is also a strong component of musical performance required as well. In addition to Instrumental Music, Instrumental Jazz is an opportunity for students to explore various styles of music from rock and pop through to the basics of Jazz. Romero also offers Choral Music for students which to develop vocals, aural skills, interpretive skills, and tone.


Film Studies

A film studies course engages students in a comprehensive analysis of the history and evolution of the technical and artistic aspects of film. The course is designed for students who wish to develop an advanced understanding of cinema, to enhance their critical appreciation of films, and to facilitate their understanding of film as a distinct form of art, technology, and visual media.


For more information regarding Fine Arts at Romero, please contact:


Paschal Hamel, Fine Arts Department Head 


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