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Principal Message

Greetings and blessings!

I’m very excited to welcome you into the community of St. Oscar Romero and Edmonton Catholic Schools. I look forward to celebrating and sharing in the joy of our work together over the next several years. St. Oscar Romero is a vibrant and dynamic learning community that offers quality academic programming delivered by a committed staff who genuinely believe that all students can be successful. At Romero we endeavor to maintain a standard of excellence in all our programs and to provide a variety of learning opportunities for all students.

Our students experience a diverse, safe and caring Catholic learning environment, where everyone is valued and respected. We realize that High School provides the educational basis for our students’ future. By providing meaningful opportunities for our students to realize their passions, and to find success, we are essentially helping them grow, discover and work to find their best selves.

A successful collaborative learning community depends upon the strength of the commitment of all three primary stakeholders in learning at the school: teachers, students and parents. As a collaborative learning community, teachers are prepared to support all the policies and procedures instituted into the school culture to ensure student success. It is important that students and parents are prepared to make commitments to learning as well.

At Romero we work with students to guide you into programs suitable for your post-secondary interests. We believe in the importance of developing the whole student and provide the facilities and collaborative culture to support academic rigor and study, as well as the development and nourishment of athletics, fitness, fine arts, fashion and culture, culinary and vocational based programming. I would encourage you to involve yourself in many of the exciting extra-curricular opportunities that are available as it will truly make your experience as a Raven a more memorable one!

Please take the time to tour our fantastic facility, meet the staff and students, and truly experience our community and hospitality so you can see why so many students proudly call St. Oscar Romero home!


Sarah Mandolesi



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