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Work Experience

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Students currently employed have the opportunity to earn credit for their hours worked! Students must complete HCS3000, the prerequisite for Work Experience. If you have not completed this module or are unsure if you have, please contact Ms. El Cid. 

Work Experience 15–25–35 courses, at each level, may be offered for 3-10 credits. Each course is time based; i.e., 25 hours per credit, and a student may enroll in Work Experience 35 without having completed Work Experience 15 and/or Work Experience 25. Students may earn up to 30 credits in work experience, but the number of work experience credits that may be counted toward the Alberta High School Diploma is 15.

Please note, Work Experience is for students who already have a job, not for those looking for a job. Those who are seeking employment, we invite you to connect with Ms. El Cid once you have secured and begun your employment. 

What will I need to earn my credits?

The following 3 applications will need to be completed and signed. You will also be expected to provide copies of your paystubs. These can date as far back as September 2020. All applications and paystubs must either be physically submitted or scanned and emailed to Ms. El Cid. You cannot receive any credits unless all applications and paystubs are submitted.  

Additionally, your paystubs must provide a detailed overview of your income, hours, deductions, etc. Please click here for a sample.

Complete the information at the top, and then sign at the bottom. You also need to get a parent to sign this form if you are under the age of 18.

Learner Expectations
List the specific Duties and responsibilities at your workplace, and then sign at the bottom.

Complete the "Position" blank, and sign at the bottom. Mr. Cairo will be following up with you and your supervisor to complete the evaluation.

For more information regarding Work Experience at Romero, please contact:


Caroline El Cid, Student Services Department Head 


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