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Student Services

About Us

Student Services is a department within St. Oscar Romero High School where students with identified exceptional learning needs/special education needs receive supports, services and accommodations that are deemed most beneficial for the student. Our priority is to support the unique needs of learners so they may demonstrate what they know, regardless of diagnosis.

Further to that, our department features an array of services that caters to all students. These services include, but are not limited to, a Mental Health Therapist, Family School Liaison Worker, Emotional Behavioral Specialist, School Resource Officer and various Therapeutic Assistants. Students wishing to access support or would like to inquire further, are encouraged to connect with Caroline El Cid or any member of Student Services. We also invite you to take some time to peruse through the various services available to our entire school community. 

For more information regarding Student Services at Romero, please contact:


Caroline El Cid, Student Services Department Head, Learning Coach 


Mental Health Therapist (MHT)

St. Oscar Romero High School is very proud to have their very own Mental Health Therapist from Alberta Health Services to support the mental health needs of students. The MHT, Elissa Albers, can provide support to students at a school based level on individual referral. Referrals can be placed through Caroline El Cid.

Family School Liaison Worker (FSLW)

The FSLW, Cindy Boucher, provides on-going counselling support to students. The range of social services supports the social, emotional, and academic needs of students and families. The FSLWs primary responsibility is intervention and support to a determined caseload of high-risk youth and their families. Referrals can be placed through Caroline El Cid. 

School Resource Officer (SRO)

Edmonton Catholic Schools and the Edmonton Police Service continue to be in partnership to foster mutual and positive cooperation among the entire school community. Our School Resource Officer, Constable Carolyn Bowen has truly become an essential member in our School. It is ‘community policing’ in its purest form! The presence of a uniformed police officer enhances school safety and contributes to a safe, caring, and inclusive environment. Among some of the highlights that we benefit from at the school level: 

  • demonstrating a visible presence in the school and the community through counselling, structured class presentations, lectures, continual interaction, mentoring and distribution of educational resource materials;
  • working cooperatively with school administrators, staff, students, parents, and the community to proactively identify and address school concerns or problems;
  • utilizing problem solving initiatives to address issues in schools;
  • establishing positive relationships with students allowing for a healthy respect resulting in a significant decrease in criminal events (and when they do occur, they’re dealt with far more efficiently);
  • allowing for proactive intervention with students that could become difficult out in the community after hours or on weekends; and
  • conducting investigations and enforcing laws/statutes.

For more information or inquiries, please contact:


Cst. Carolyn Bowen, School Resource Officer


Adapted Programming (K&E and WIN)

In the effort to support all students with their learning needs, St. Oscar Romero also offers Knowledge & Employability (K&E) courses for students working toward a Certificate of High School Achievement. For students working toward a Certificate of High School Completion, WIN (Whatever is Needed) programming is made available. Both K&E and WIN are offered as programming of choice.

For more information regarding K&E/WIN Programming at Romero, please contact:


Caroline El Cid, Student Services Department Head, Learning Coach, K&E 


Sarah Ostlund, WIN Teacher 


English Language Learners (ELL) Programming

The purpose of ELL programming is to prepare students, whose first language is not English, for the demands of high school. The ELL program will provide English Language Learners with an opportunity to develop and extend their skills in oral and written discourse for the purposes of explaining, describing, and informing. Research shows that it can take between 5-7 years (and sometimes longer) to learn a new language proficiently. Therefore, ELL students may require more than the standard 3 years to complete their High School Diploma. Please see the ELL Course Pathways for more details.

For more information regarding ELL Programming at Romero, please contact:


Elaine Muggeridge, ELL Designate 


Braided Journeys Program

St. Oscar Romero meets the needs of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students in a holistic way that focuses on promoting positive outcomes. Romero has a full time Graduation Coach, Lynn Cornell, who implements the Braided Journeys Program which provides supports and services such as: Relationships and Mentoring; Culture; Career Planning; Academics; Parental Engagement; and Leadership. 

For more information regarding the Braided Journeys Program at Romero, please contact:


Lynn Cornell, Braided Journeys Graduation Coach


Graduation Coach

Our graduation coach provides mentoring and guidance to students as they progress through High School. Additionally, they provide career planning and goal setting for all students. If you would like to inquire further, consider visiting the Grad Coach Site

For more information regarding your Graduation Status at Romero, please contact:


Greg Voigt, Graduation Coach 


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