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School Supplies

You may choose to order these from School Start but you are not obliged. 

2022 School Start - Father Michael Troy Junior High School (Edmonton) - Junior High.pdf

Suggested Supply list at FMT:

-Binders - 4 (different colors)

-Dividers - 4

-Duotangs - 3

-Pencil Case

-HB pencils (minimum of 10)

-Pens:  Pkg. of blue

Pkg. of red

-Pencil Crayons/felts

-Highlighters - 2

-Glue Sticks - 2


-Ruler (30 cm)

-Loose-leaf lined sheets (500 sheets)

-Graph paper-1cm squares (200 sheets)

-French/English Dictionary: Collins or Larousse

-Basic Calculator (Grade 7 & 8)

-Scientific Calculator (Grade 9)

-We recommend all students have a personal learning device (Chromebook, laptop, tablet)

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