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Open House - Videos


Here you can click on different links for videos to find out more about Father Michael Troy School.

Click on the links to learn more and don't forget to do the Quiz at the bottom! 

Language Arts



Social Studies

Catholic Faith



Physical Education





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Here are some questions from Gr. 6 students:

Q. When is the Registration date for FMT? A. Very soon! You will see a link on our Homepage

Q. Is "cream" breaking dress code? A. We are calling this the "Standard of Dress" and tops need to be white or navy or both. 

Q. I think my perspective is that FMT is a really great school, and I feel nervous mixed with excitement for all the subjects that I need to encounter and learn about. That's all I have to say. Thank you! A. Well, that is not a question but we really like to hear that!

Other Comments: 

Wish I was able to do hands-on activities 

I'm looking forward to band and phys ed :) 

I learned lots of information about FMT SCHOOL

I'm excited to come to FMT! 

I think my wishes for next year are to be good in my academics and to hopefully get good grades someday, as well as realizing who I want to become. That's all I want to say. Thank you!

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