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Junior ATB Program

About Junior ATB

Because it is never too early—or too late—to improve your money smarts.
Financial Literacy is an important life skill and as such, our school is committed to our partnership with Junior ATB.

Since 2009, over 1800 Alberta school kids have participated in Junior ATB, an in-school financial literacy program for students in Grades 4 to 6. In partnership with Junior ATB, Junior ATB team members work with students to set up their very own “bank.” The students are hired and trained in various jobs, from greeters and tellers to president and members of the board of directors. The students open up accounts for their fellow students and accept deposits that are held in ATB Generation Accounts (requiring parental approval for withdrawals).

Junior ATB teaches students about the importance of saving and encourages valuable life skills like public speaking, accountability, providing good customer service, job interviewing, marketing and public relations.

 Please take a moment to watch a special Province wide commercial filmed onsite at our school that is now being used by Jr. ATB to share the good news of all that Jr. ATB has to offer towards the development of Financial Literacy in today's young.

To learn more about Junior ATB at St. John Bosco School, click on the link below.

SJB School Junior ATB Commercial Video

Learning for Life with Junior ATB

St. John Bosco School students are amongst the many elementary students across Alberta schools who are operating their own ATB "branch", learning real-life job skills, gaining self-confidence and building their savings.

At St. John Bosco School, our annual Jr. ATB assembly kicks off the program.  Junior ATB held its first ribbon cutting ceremony September 2017. The program was initiated to teach and engage students towards financial literacy.  Each year, with increasing interest, our school has upwards of 135 student applicants for the various roles such as greeters, tellers, back cash counters even directors on the board.

Each year, students are interviewed by a panel of staff from the school and ATB and are selected to be a part of this bi-weekly opportunity to operate as a bank within a school setting.  Top candidates earn a spot on the St. John Bosco School Jr. ATB Executive Board, because of their diverse skills and communication styles demonstrated during the interview.   Just like they will a few years down the road, Junior ATB student workers go through applications and interviews to land their Jr. ATB job. Once "hired," they learn proper banking procedures with real money, and how to manage their classmate "customer" accounts. There is even a SJB Junior ATB Board of Directors. Who knew sophistication started so young!

SJB students are invited to open real savings accounts where they can make regular deposits at school. What makes this program great is that kids learn from a young age about the power of saving and develop valuable job skills, as well as earn a sense of responsibility.

The Jr. ATB Financial Program always brings a smile to one's face,  as students learn hands-on and are engaged to operate their own working ATB branch with the guidance of ATB associates. Seeing children in a variety of grades proudly make a deposit towards their savings for a new purchase, or special occasion is heart-warming and leaves us hopeful as we build important financial literacy skills in the students.  As one student put it so eloquently, "This is work. It's preparation for real life." 

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