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Hours of Operation 2022-23

Listed below  for  your information, are the St. John Bosco School hours of operation.   Please note that changes  to  yearly  calendar  and  schedules  will always  appear  in  the monthly newsletter and calendar, in addition to the school's website.  

We ask that parents honor the established times and ensure that students are in school on time as per the times indicated below.  Your cooperation regarding this is greatly appreciated.

St. John Bosco Elementary School

Hours of Operation 
Grade 1 to Grade 6

 (950 hours)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

8:03 am                   Entry Bell

8:08-8:13 am           AM Registration

8:13-10:08 am          Instructional Time

10:08-10:23 am       Recess Break

10:23-12:11 pm        Instructional Time

12:11-12:31 pm       Lunch Time 

12:31-12:51 pm        Lunch Recess

12:51 pm                  Entry Bell

12:51-12:53 pm       PM Registration

12:53-2:46 pm          Instructional Time

2:46 pm                    Dismissal

8:03 am                                Entry Bell

8:08-8:13 am                       AM Registration

8:13-10:04 am                       Instructional Time

10:04-10:19 am                   Recess Break

10:19-11:40 am                     Instructional Time

11:39 am
                              Early Dismissal


4-Day Program – morning and afternoon

(475 hours)

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

A.M. Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

P.M. Class

8:03 am                              Entry Time

8:13-11:07 am                    Instructional Time

11:07 am                            Dismissal

11:42 am                      Entry Time

11:42-2:46 pm              Instructional Time

2:46 pm                         Dismissal

PLEASE NOTE:  Schedule Changes before Major Breaks - During the week in which the beginning of Christmas vacation, and Spring Break vacation occur, there will be a switch in the early dismissal day.  Therefore, students will stay at school all day on Thursday but will be dismissed at 11:34 a.m. on Friday.  Bussing will always reflect these changes.

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