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Classroom Websites

Welcome to our school's classroom websites. Each homeroom has a designated website for parents to access throughout the school year. 

Within the remote learning context, note that while students in Division 2 (Gr. 4-6) have direct access to their Google Classroom, students in Division 1 (Gr. K-3) may not have been actively using Google Classroom at which point the teachers have embedded Google Slides within their Classroom Website to act much like the Google Classroom.

For detailed information related to your child's school work, projects and new learning activities we ask that you visit the website below if in Division 1 and if in Division 2 proceed directly to their homeroom Google Classroom.

Division 1 (Grades K-3)Division 2 (Grades 4-6)
Music Gr. K-6Grade 4A

Kindergarten A/B

Grade 4B

Kindergarten C/D

Grade 4C

Grade 1A

Grade 5A 
 Grade 1BGrade 5B

Grade 1C

Grade 5C

Grade 1D

Grade 6A

Grade 2A

Grade 6B

Grade 2B

Grade 6C

Grade 2C

Grade 6D
Grade 2D

Music 4-6

Grade 3A 

Grade 3B

Grade 3C

Grade 3D

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